Kentabidiol was established in 2017 by Matthew Clarke, a passionate individual who believes that this one plant has the power to change the world and make it a better place for everyone, whether they use CBD products or not. There are over 25,000 uses for hemp which range from economic building materials to health and beauty products whilst also providing some of the purest CBD in the world. Hemp has a wide range of benefits for both humans and animals as well as the environment as there are ways to use this special plant.


We have carefully hand picked the highest qaulity farmers in the industry to work with, so we can provide you with the finest CBD flowers on the market today. We strive to offer the best products from around the world from CBD oils to waxes and shatters. We want to expand the UK market for CBD products offering items that haven't been available before.

Our products are for day to day use to improve your lifestyle helping with relaxation or can be a great way to start the day. Being based in Kent makes it easy for you to contact us so we can help you set up a lifestyle plan for an alternative take on well being, making all things bright and ganjaful.




Best CBD company around! I use CBD to help with anxiety. Kentabidiol was so amazing at answering my questions and helping me find the right product for me. Since using their CBD flowers and oils, I have noticed a huge drop in my anxiety attacks. I cannot thank them enough.



My son is autistic and has smoked street cannabis in recent years. Unfortunately, although it initially helped his anxiety and social difficulties it soon became apparent that it was having an awful impact on his mental health. He became a very angry, unhappy young man. He managed to stop taking street cannabis but once again started to struggle with sleep, panic attacks and poor appetite. After 6 months he found your site online and after reading lots of research on CBD he ordered some. He had a fantastic response to it, he slept right through for 7 hours for the first time in many months. His appetite is back to normal and he seems to be back to his normal self. Thank you for growing such a clean, non poisonous strand of Cannabis which genuinely benefits people without damaging their mental health. We would not hesitate to recommend you to other adult sufferers. Ps. My son gave some to his 82 year old grandfather who hasn’t slept properly in 15 years, he too had an amazing result after a small amount. Thank you so much. Mum of adult autistic son xx



Kentabidiol CBD has by far the best source of top quality CBD buds and other related products. With excellent prices and a wide variety of choices that have helped me with pain and another issues greatly. As well as the customer service always being top notch, delivery is on time or even early. Give it a try and you wont be disappointed. 12/10



 All of our products are carefully chosen by us here at kentabidiol. We strive to provide you with the best CBD products on the market. 



We personally deal with our growers and the farms we use, to ensure that all our CBD products are 100% natural and grown with passion. 



Here at Kentabidiol we hand package our products and work with designers to give you truly unique packaging. 



 We 100% guarantee delivery on all our products. If there are any issues with postage, we will send a replacement straight away.