5 x Strains combo


5 x 3.5gs

With this deal you will recive 5 differant strains with CBD levels to suits every ocation. 

Mango Kush is one of our indoor grown flowers, with a sweet aroma and perfect flower form this flower is truly special.

Santas Strawberry Cookies. Our first indoor grown strain derived from Switzerland and perfectly grown flowers that look, taste and smell beautiful. . 100% Natural CBD flowers.

Bubblegum is one of our sweeter strains with a level of 18%
CBD-180mg/g. Make some sweet herbal tea, make some canna cocktails orinfuse it in your cooking.

Pineapple Express our fruity strains with a level of 12% CBD-120mg/g. .

Kraken is one of the best, this strain has a very mild smell but tastes amazing. with a level of 13% CBD-130mg/g. Make some fruity, herbal tea, make some canna cocktails or infuseit in your cooking. 

5 x 3.5gs